The Stragans Experience

When it comes to accounting, assurance, taxation or business advisory services, Stragans provides tailored and expert consultation that helps organisations navigate their growth journey.

  • Audit & Accounting

    Whether you have a private company, a public one listed in Australia or overseas, or a non-profit organisation, we make sure to provide the best personalised and professional services. Our quality audits and up-to-date insights will position your business to weather any global challenge.

  • Tax Planning & Compliance

    We can help you navigate the complexities of taxation to develop effective strategies and solutions that work for you and your business.

  • Business Acquisitions & Sales

    Our goal is to understand what makes your business valuable to ensure that you stay relevant and grow. We leverage the knowledge and experience of our team to provide business valuations, transaction advisory, capital structuring and general business advisory services.

  • Medical & Dental

    So that you (as a medical and dental professional) can focus on your patient’s health and wellbeing, let us help you take the weight and pressure off all the tax compliance and financial requirements.

  • Property & Real Estate

    Whether you are building a property portfolio and interested in your wealth creation, selling real
    estate, filling rentals or managing property on behalf of others, there are many financial and
    taxational elements (like capital gains tax and negative gearing) that need to be considered

  • Banking & Finance

    It might seem counterintuitive (or even odd to you) but banking and finance also require accounting services. So that your banking or financial institution can focus on providing the best service to your customers, let our team focus on working with you on all the taxation details.

  • Construction & Trades

    Early mornings and the physical workout and fatigue you get from a day of heavy lifting probably means you are too exhausted to commit to all the systems, processes and nuances of taxes (like workcover certificates) within your industry or profession.

  • Transport & Logistics

    Delivering products across Australia is no mean feat and your attention to detail must be on point. So, while you have your hands full with organising your delivery drivers and the logistics involved with everything in your industry, it can get easy to miss various details relating to payroll tax, workcover certification and so much more

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