Corporate recovery and insolvency

The impact of the global recession is unprecedented, severely impacting the majority of the world's developed economies. Whether these economies are still in a state of turmoil or have entered a recovery phase, organisations around the world stay cautious in managing their debts, and credit on the whole remains tight.

When a multinational organisation or domestic company finds itself in difficulty, it faces a complex set of issues that require technical expertise in a number of areas.

We understand financial distress and all of its complexities and have extensive experience in the following areas:

Advisory and restructuring

Corporate insolvency and formal processes

Fraud and special investigations

Personal insolvency

Pensions deficiency reviews.

The hallmarks of our service are expertise, technical excellence, comprehensive analysis and speed of delivery.

Our extensive experience, understanding of complex and sensitive scenarios and empathetic approach allow us to appreciate how a distressed situation can look from the standpoint of each stakeholder, and we tailor our approach accordingly. Across the global network we have the ability to mobilise our skilled resources to execute instructions in all major jurisdictions around the world, in support of local offices or cross-border cases.

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